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A Message from the Custodian

Welcome to Doctoring the Tardis!

This blog will document the Grand Watching of Classic Who by Doctor Caleb and yours truly, Eggstirmen8.  Doctor Caleb and I are a few stories into the Grand Watching, but we commit to faithfully report what we like and what we don’t about the old episodes.  We hope that you will join in on the conversation.

Doctor Caleb and I are separated by nearly 30 years in age, yet we share a love for all things Doctor Who.  After viewing all of the modern series of the Doctor, Doctor Caleb asked me if we could begin to view the classic series.

How could I decline such a sincere request?  Based on my background, it was nearly impossible to do so.

Out of Time featured in April 1996 issue of Starlog

Out of Time featured in April 1996 issue of Starlog

Back in 1996, the World Wide Web wasn’t in diapers, but it was certainly still in pull-ups.  I was a ’96er chasing dreams of Internet gold.  After experimenting with a silly little site called Sub-Penguin Enterprises, I built a site called Out of Time.  Out of Time was a Doctor Who focused site that was immersive and graphically intense for the time.  Compared with the other offerings of the time, it was very entertaining.  However, there was no reason to go back.  I built the site while I was in college when I had plenty of time.  I graduated and found employment and my little hobby hit the back burner.

However, I still have an artifact documenting the popularity of that site.  Out of Time was featured in the April 1996 issue of Starlog – a highly influential magazine focused on all things Science Fiction.  Out of Time was featured just below the web address for Skywalker Sound whose webpage was nowhere near as visually compelling — at the time.

So it is with this history in mind, that I will happily serve as Doctor Caleb’s custodian during his  blogging endeavor.


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