Doctoring The Tardis

Caleb's Journal of the Grand Watching of Doctor Who

While we have only blogged out our review of the first of the first Doctor episodes, we have watched through the 5th episode of The Sensorites (we aren’t slackers! I swear!) story.

Reign of Terror is the next story in our queue to watch.  However, we have been getting most of our discs from three places – my ancient VHS recordings of Doctor Who (converted to DVD about 10 years ago) and Netflix (streaming and DVD).

We have had good luck in that Reign of Terror was just released on DVD in the US on February 12th.  However, I am getting an attack of the “‘I don’t want to spend $19 on an episode I have never seen before’s”

I’ll let you know if I get it for us.  We should finish The Sensorites on Friday or Saturday.


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