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Caleb's Journal of the Grand Watching of Doctor Who

Why am I talking about ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ on a review site. ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ is the retelling of the story of Doctor Who’s creation by Mark Gatiss and Stephan Moffatt. The film will tell the story of the making of the story we reviewed yesterday ‘An Unearthly Child’.

This co-production between the BBC and BBC America really shows how BBC America’s feelings for Doctor Who have evolved over time. Do you all remember when the modern Who first came to America? It was on SyFy network. While that changed when Garth Ancier become the network head at BBC America, their commitment to Doctor Who could have been called anything but ‘All-In’.

Serving as a coproducer on a film of this type which doesn’t involve modern Who at all, really shows that the BBC America attitude towards Doctor Who has come full circle.


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