Doctoring The Tardis

Caleb's Journal of the Grand Watching of Doctor Who

What is the Cuddle Factor?

We watch Doctor Who in the loft and Doctor Who can sometimes get a bit scary.

We came up with this system so that you will know what to expect from your kids if they are enjoying Doctor Who with you.

CuddleFactor1If a review has a Cuddle Factor of one, the story is not likely to be too scary for kids.  DC was not never frightened and had no need for a good cuddle.



If a review has a Cuddle Factor of two, your little one might come over for a little cuddling now and then at some minor intense parts, but most of the time the story is only a bit intense.



If a review has a Cuddle Factor of three, you might want to hide behind your couch as well.  There are likely thematic pieces that may be intense for many children.




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