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The Sensorites

The Doctor, Ian, and Susan meet with the elders.

The Doctor, Ian, and Susan meet with the elders.

Original Air Date: June 20 – August 1, 1964

Number of Episodes: 6

Rating: 3 of 4 Stars

Plot Summary:

The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive in theTARDIS on board a spaceship. Their initial concern is for the ship’s human crew, who are suffering from telepathic interference from the Sensorites, but Susan communicates with the Sensorites and finds the aliens fear an attack by the humans and are just defending themselves.

Doctor Caleb’s Review:

I liked the episode because the Sensorites are like hamsters in pajamas. I also liked that the city administrator is against all the humans because it makes a good plot. I didn’t think it was scary because the enemy doesn’t do anything violent. My favorite character is John because he is mad ( crazy). My favorite part was when the survivors “kidnapped” The Doctor and Ian because it was very well shot.


Eggstirmen8’s Review:

This story is a romp! When I was in college we would run through the halls with towels over our heads calling ourselves Doctor Who monsters. The Sensorites certainly exemplify this. They do look like hamsters in pajamas. It’s truly a funny sight. However, the story is a powerful one of trust and loyalty that moves from being an outer space story to a more human tale of the dangers of xenophobia. It is definitely worth a viewing.

Where to Watch:

nb: This episode is reviewed out of order when compared to the actual order of airing. We just finished watching this Episode and wanted to post it as close to real time as possible.


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