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PreView to the ReView: Planet of the Giants Recreated

Doc Caleb and I watched Planet of the Giants last night.  While we are working on our reviews for that first doctor story, I wanted to share with you a brief making of video from this story.

William Russell (Ian Chesterton) and Carol Ann Ford (Susan Foreman) reprise their roles from the classic series for a special feature on this DVD disc.
Planet of Giants was originally intended to be a 4 episode story, but the Beeb made changes after screening the content.  The following is from Wikipedia:

This story was originally four episodes in length. Upon viewing Episodes 3 and 4, which focused more heavily on Hilda and Bert, Head of Drama Sydney Newman ordered them spliced together in order to form a faster-paced climax (Episode 3) focusing on the core characters of the series. Episode 4 was called “The Urge to Live” and directed by Douglas Camfield (instead of Mervyn Pinfield, who directed Episodes 1-3). When Episodes 3 and 4 were edited together to make the new Episode 3, only Camfield was credited.

For the 2012 DVD release, the BBC employed their fabulous animation technique to recreate what the story would have been like if it had aired as originally conceived.


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