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Caleb's Journal of the Grand Watching of Doctor Who

Planet of the Giants

An accident on the TARDIS has left the intrepid travels no more than one inch tall.

An accident on the TARDIS has left the intrepid travels no more than one inch tall.

Original Air Date:  31 October – 14 November 1964

Number of Episodes:  3

Rating: 3  1/2 of 4 Stars

Plot Summary:

The doors of the TARDIS open of their own accord just before it materialises, running out of control. On emerging, the travellers find the ship has been reduced in size and they are now only about an inch tall.

Doctor Caleb’s Review: I liked the story because I have always been like what would it be like to be an inch tall and this is what could happen.  I also liked the story because the supporting cast was funny like when 1 of the characters takes out a cigarette and reaches for the matches but another character comes up and puts a lighter under the cigarette.  My favorite part was when the cat loses interest in The Doctor and company because I got just a smudge worried.  My favorite character was Forester because all he wanted was the money and he failed, furthermore it proves a point I made once ” evil always loses “.


Eggstirmen8’s Review:

This is a story that showed great promise during the first episode, but by the end of the second episode I had lost interest in the story.  The technical aspects of the production were fascinating from a historical perspective.  The storyline echoes some of the early concerns about the terror that chemistry could inflict upon us, while being a benefit if properly tested.  The morality play aspect was a nice aspect of the story, but the story simply does not hold together well.

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