Doctoring The Tardis

Caleb's Journal of the Grand Watching of Doctor Who


The Blog

Doctor Caleb recently changed his reading group at school.  In the notification of this change, the materials suggested that one suggested additional activity was to write and maintain a journal.  Doctor Caleb and Eggstirmen8 determined that a blog about their Doctor Who watching might be a great way for Doctor Caleb to journal and for the two of them to discuss their ideas about the classic Doctor Who stories.

The Authors:

cropped-428px-tardis-trans.pngDoctor Caleb is the creative force behind the Doctoring the Tardis blog. He enjoys Doctor Who, karate, and hanging out with his friends.  This blog is a school project of sorts.



simpwhoEggstirmen8, Sometimes known as Brian Savoie, is an internationally awarded designer of educational media.  Brian currently works full-time at RAPS managing the creation of digital education products and services.  Prior to his work with RAPS, Brian Savoie was an award-winning educational video producer.  In 2007, Savoie received the Cine Special Jury prize for producing Mesopotamia: From Nomads to Farmers.  An Emmy followed in 2008, for Outstanding Children’s Television Series for Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye.  Since 2006, Mr. Savoie has received 8 awards from 5 different organizations for the strength of his educational media design.

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