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I got really hot and heavy (it was platonic, Whovians!) back about 1993. I was just out of high school and caught an episode while I was home for lunch … Continue reading

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The Sensorites

Original Air Date: June 20 – August 1, 1964 Number of Episodes: 6 Rating: 3 of 4 Stars Plot Summary: The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive in theTARDIS on board … Continue reading

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The Daleks

Original Air Date: December 21, 1963 – February 1, 1964 Number of Episodes: 7 Rating: 3 and 1/2 of 4 Stars Plot Summary: The TARDIS has brought the travellers to … Continue reading

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This is great news for all of us!!! The full episode has been lost since I was a baby. All we have had is a portion of the regeneration scene … Continue reading

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Eggstirmen8 and I will be reviewing this in a few days. You can watch this story in many different ways – Netflix, Netflix Streaming, Amazon Prime, and DVD.

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An Unearthly Child

Original Air Date:  November 23 – December 14, 1963 Number of Episodes: 4 Rating:  2  1/2 of 4 Stars Plot Summary: Schoolteachers Barbara Wright and Ian Chestertonare intrigued by one of their pupils, Susan … Continue reading

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