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PreView to the ReView: Buh-Bye Susan

Dalek Invasion of Earth was a really ambitious project for the early Doctor Who Team. The story also was the first occasion where a featured player in the series left. … Continue reading

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PreView to the ReView: Planet of the Giants Recreated

Doc Caleb and I watched Planet of the Giants last night.  While we are working on our reviews for that first doctor story, I wanted to share with you a … Continue reading

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Animating the TARDIS

I am really groking the animation that the BBC has done for the missing episodes of Doctor Who. If you haven’t seen any of the episodes, then I hope you … Continue reading

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I got really hot and heavy (it was platonic, Whovians!) back about 1993. I was just out of high school and caught an episode while I was home for lunch … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Brian of Morbius:
My son, who is a big fan of Jack Skellington and his ghoulish friends, will appreciate this. Thanks to the inimitable Ms Rose for…

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Originally posted on Brian of Morbius:
Well, that’s just bloody typical. I spend years telling Joshua to stop stretching his t-shirt and pulling it over his head. And then what…

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Why am I talking about ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ on a review site. ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ is the retelling of the story of Doctor Who’s … Continue reading

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